In the most recent podcast for I Love Edmonton Real Estate, Jason Scott talks real estate matters with Incumbent City Councilor of Ward 1, Andrew Knack. The two discuss infill, rezoning and geographic factors that affect real estate on many levels.

This post will go over a few of the key points from their discussion and give you some further insight into both Andrew and Jason’s thoughts on each of the topics that are covered.


What do the people of Ward 1 say about infill?

The feedback from the public in Ward 1 regarding infill has been relatively mixed so far. There are some people who are happy to see new development in their communities, as they this new development will positively impact the value of their own homes. There are others who are concerned about new development in their communities because of certain issues like construction in their neighborhood.

The City Council understands these concerns and has been working to enhance building and construction practices and increase fines for those who don’t follow the rules.


What issues can arise from a lack of geographic constraints like we see in Edmonton?

Vancouver has mountains and the ocean that place geographic constraints on expansion within those local communities. Edmonton has no such geographical constraints on its development.

This does not mean that unlimited development into these outlying areas is the right thing to do. Andrew mentions that Edmonton cannot grow out forever as there are a lot of challenges that would arise if the city were to do so. Financially, the city would be challenged by having to build additional police and fire stations, parks and libraries. Further expansion would also cause more schools to close due to low enrollment and negative impacts on agricultural industries as premium agricultural land is used up for real estate development.


What are Andrew’s goals for senior development?

Edmonton is home to many mature communities that don’t have adequate development for seniors. Currently, the only available options are bungalows or condos, with not many options in between the two.

Andrew would like to see the next City Council work to rectify this issue by rezoning certain areas to allow for more variety in development.

In the podcast, Jason and Andrew also discuss the hot topic of lot splitting, St. Albert Trail, barriers when rezoning is needed and the new LRT. You can listen to the entire podcast here, or feel free to contact Jason Scott of Andrew Knack for more information!