In his latest podcast for, Jason Scott talk with Travis Hawryluk about Spruce Grove and some of the biggest challenges faced by sellers in the Edmonton market.

Travis gave Jason a little bit of history on experience in the industry, coming from a family of successful realtors. He explained that, because he started out in the industry at such a young age, he had to learn quickly. He decided early on that he would pick up as much as he could, learning everything in order to stand out from his competition.

Travis goes on to give a few details about the current market conditions, indicating the average sales price is probably around $350,000.

When asked by Jason about the biggest challenges sellers are facing in the Edmonton market today, Travis explained that even with great marketing, homes are necessarily selling as fast as they are expected to. He cautions sellers not to try to rush the process and to trust the professional they have chosen to work with, especially in the slower months.

Another big challenge that sellers need to overcome is pricing their home correctly. Travis sees a lot of sellers making the mistake of overpricing their homes. Your realtor should help you conduct a proper market evaluation to calculate the optimum price to list your home.

Travis goes on to give sellers are few tips for making the most of their home and the selling process:

  • Painting your home is an easy way to update your home without spending too much time or money
  • Properly staging your home can help make a great first impression, which could even up selling your home
  • Cleaning the carpets is a must
  • Upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms is a great renovation project that usually pays off in the long run

If you would like to hear more of Travis’s tips for sellers and his thoughts on the future of the Edmonton real estate market, head over to to listen to the full podcast or contact Travis Hawryluk at (780) 962-8580.