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    Mortgage Broker in Edmonton, AB Canada

    Personalized Mortgage Solutions – Let Edmonton Mortgage Associate Jason Scott Be A Trusted Partner Who Will Help You Get a Great Mortgage for your Family Home or Investment Property. Jason Scott your Mortgage Broker in Edmonton, AB Canada.

    When you work with me, you’ll walk away feeling confident in your mortgage decision.

    • You’ll actually enjoy the process of home-buying, knowing that you’re saving time, effort, and stress.
    • You’ll understand your mortgage, inside and out.
    • You’ll get competitive rates from a variety of banks and products.

    Are you a first time home buyer? Are you relocating to Edmonton, AB? The first time going through the mortgage process can feel like an overwhelming amount of information. That’s where I come in as a mortgage broker near you. My passion is in breaking down every step and making it easy for you to get into a new home. You want someone you can trust, who will work in your best interest. Let me empower you to enjoy the process of home-buying.

    Not your first time? I also work with clients looking to move up to their dream home and pay their mortgage off as soon as possible.

    Have debt? I can work with you to consolidate your credit card debt into a new mortgage and lower your monthly payment, saving you money every month and getting you into a home sooner.

    1 Year
    7.84 % 6.74%
    2 Year
    7.34 % 5.64%
    3 Year
    6.99 % 4.99%
    4 Year
    6.79 % 4.94%
    5 Year
    6.84 % 4.64%
    7 Year
    7.59 % 6.14%
    10 Year
    8.25 % 6.20%
    5 Year
    7.20 % 5.85%
    *This data is provided for information purposes only and is updated regularly. Posted rates are subject to change without notice.

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