Current Edmonton Real Estate Market with Shaun Cunningham

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Current Edmonton Real Estate Market with Shaun Cunningham

About this episode of the I Love Edmonton Real Estate Podcast

Our guest today is Shaun Cunningham, a realtor with the central branch of RE/MAX in Edmonton. Shaun is here to discuss the current market issues and how he initially got into real estate.

[0:18] What got you into real estate?

  • I was in the auto industry for 12 years and just transitioned from cars to houses. It was an easy move.

[0:30] Are there any skills from the auto industry that have helped you in real estate?

  • Whether you are selling a car or a house the end goal is the same: to make the customer happy.

[0:50] Is there an area of the city that you focus on?

  • Most realtors focus on where they live, so I focus on Northeast Edmonton. Of course, we can go anywhere; I do business all over.

[01:23] I’ve heard that we are at a record low of inventory right now.

  • What’s happening is a perfect storm because sellers don’t want to list when it’s 30 below outside.
  • With interest rates going up in November, people pre-approved before that are running out of time to find something.

[02:55] Do you think we are heading towards a more balanced market?

  • I think it will stay a seller’s market for the next few months, depending on interest rates.

[03:38] How do you think this pandemic spring will compare to the 2 previous ones?

  • It depends on how many people are going back to the office. Many are working from home permanently and want more space, etc.

[04:52] What else are you seeing in the market?

  • $300,000-400,000 was the hot price point, but it has increased due to shortages.

[05:50] Are you seeing a lot of people moving here from out of the province?

  • The prices here are better than in Ontario.

[07:06] What prompted the move to real estate?

  • I had plateaued in the auto industry, and there is no better feeling than giving someone the keys to their house.

[08:24] What are the major stressors you come across?

  • Going through the process with clients, every step has the potential to go wrong. You need good people like inspectors and lawyers.

[09:34] What was your most frustrating day?

  • A day of possession, the clients and I pulled up to their new home and the entire driveway was filled with garbage.

[13:05] What’s the best real estate advice you’ve ever received?

  • Focus on the client.

[15:07] What do sellers need to be aware of?

  • Getting property reports done on time, residential measurement standards, and material latent defects.
  • It’s also essential to get sewer lines checked. They can be a costly future problem.

[20:25] How do you manage buyer expectations?

  • Ensuring they have all the information.

[24:32] What do you say when clients want to get aggressive and drop conditions?

  • I give them all the information and explain what could happen if you don’t do the necessary things.

[25:20] Are you expecting a turnaround on condos?

  • We need to improve buyer confidence to change it.


Connect with Shaun:

RE/MAX Real Estate – Central Branch

#200, 10835-124 Street,

Edmonton, AB T5M 0H4

Cell – 780.265.0165

Office – 780.488.4000

Email –

Website –

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