The Coming Wave of Edmonton Neighborhood Modernization, with David Moriarity

Edmonton Mortgage Broker
Edmonton Mortgage Broker
The Coming Wave of Edmonton Neighborhood Modernization, with David Moriarity

About this episode of the I Love Edmonton Real Estate Podcast

In this episode, I, Jason Scott talk with David Moriarity, who is a realtor with Century 21. David previously served in the Canadian Armed Forces, and served in Afghanistan. While recuperating from an injury, he decided to start learning about real estate. 7 years later, in 2016, he does between 50-70 transactions per year, which is an incredibly high pace to maintain.

What’s in this episode:

Infill duplex

  • If a lot is RF3 zoned, you might consider side-by-side duplexes or front-back duplexes
  • Front-back duplexes are surprisingly common in Edmonton. These are duplexes with both front doors facing the street with a garage in the back. The City of Edmonton is supportive.3 Back to back

Construction by the numbers

  • Lot prices should be between $200k to $300k
  • Construction costs can be between $125 – $200 per sq. foot
  • A typical build takes about 7-9 months

Infill development challenges

  • Some neighbourhoods are making agreements with their neighbours to stop new developments (tear-downs)
  • Neighbouring homeowners can be affected by construction (having to replace a fence and the added noise)
  • The look for a neighbourhood can change with some houses not fitting in with the rest. (i.e. Strathearn and Bonnie Doon)
  • Waiting for permits can be frustrating
    Strathern and Bonnie Doon


Overcoming development challenges

  • Realizing that all houses need to be renovated or replaced eventually
  • When all the work is done property values increase for everyone
  • Including the neighbourhood in the development process. Developers want the houses to look good too
  • Realizing that waiting on permits is a good thing as this means the city is cleaning up bad projects
an older Edmonton house surrounded by two newer modern homes

Hot neighbourhoods in Edmonton (2016)

What to look for in a realtor

  • Get someone on the same page as you
  • Someone who you are comfortable with that is knowledgable and experienced


  • A good entrepreneur improves the lives of everyone around them
  • Give solid advice upfront to your clients
  • Pay attention and deal with things right away, don’t let problems grow

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