How to fix your credit score

How to fix your credit score

Your credit score is the single biggest factor that lenders use in determining your interest rate when you apply for a mortgage. Yet most people don’t even know what a credit score is, let alone whether they have a high score or a low one. The sad truth is if your score is unnecessarily low—due to errors or lack of professional advice—you could end up paying thousands of dollars extra over the life of your mortgage!


 How would you like to learn the shocking truth about how your credit score is calculated and more importantly, how to improve it almost overnight?

As your trusted mortgage advisor, I’ve prepared a special Credit Repair Guide titled, “12 Simple No Cost Methods to Repair Your Credit.” It’s a MUST READ for anyone with a credit score under 650. Here’s just a portion of what you’ll learn:

How credit reporting agencies keep track of your financial situation.

• How your credit score helps determine what your mortgage rate will be.

How to protect yourself from identity theft!

• 12 insider secrets for repairing your credit – FAST!


To get your free copy of this informative guide, email me at

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