Smart ways to use your tax refund

Smart ways to use your tax refund

Deciding what to do with your tax refund can be fun. Who doesn’t like to spend money? But instead of blowing it on things that are guaranteed to lose value—like expensive clothes or an amazing vacation—consider investing your money for the future. Sure, it sounds dull, but think of the fun you’ll have when you retire early!

Here are some ways to help your tax refund generate wealth:

  • Now’s the time to invest in equities. The stock market is finally producing some impressive returns. By investing in stocks now, you can participate in this bull market.

  • Invest in skills training. Additional education can advance your career and boost your earning power.

  • Do strategic renovations. Upgrade your home with a new kitchen or bathroom, and not only will you enjoy a better quality of life, you’ll also increase resale value.

  • Start saving a down payment for a revenue property. By choosing the right property, the revenue will cover your mortgage payments and you’ll end up with substantial equity—which you can use to invest in another rental property!

  • Make a charitable contribution. Not only will you be helping a worthy cause, you’ll generate a bigger tax refund next year.