Spring home maintenance tips

Spring home maintenance tips

Spring’s an excellent time to check out the wear and tear that winter may have caused to your home. Taking care of minor maintenance now can help prevent major repairs later on. Here’s what to look for:
1    Clean gutters. Unclog gutters before spring rains begin, and make sure downspouts drain water away from the foundation.
2    Fill in low areas. If the soil around your foundation has settled and created low areas, fill them with compacted soil. You don’t want spring rains to seep into your basement.
3    Replace filters. Clean furnace and AC filters extend the life of your motors and ensure healthier air.
4    Clean out dryer vent. Make sure lint hasn’t built up in the vent. Not only will this reduce drying times, it also helps prevent fire.
5    Check roof. If winter storms loosened any shingles or damaged seals around chimneys, make the repairs now before you get water damage.
6    Clean window screens. Debris from winter winds may have clogged up your screens so they won’t keep you as cool this summer. Remove them and spray with water.
7    Prepare lawn mower. Check electric mowers for cord damage. Change the oil in gas mowers. Sharpen cutting blades.
8    Check window and door seals. Winter may have hardened and cracked sealing materials. If so, repair them now before the spring rains begin.
9    Repair and paint wood surfaces. Probe wood trim with a screwdriver to discover any rotting. Replace or seal, as necessary. Strip and paint any areas that show peeling or blistering. Not only will your house look better, it will look good longer.
10    Vacuum refrigerator coils. A lot of dust can build up on the back of your refrigerator over the winter. By vacuuming the coils, you can reduce electricity costs.
11 Replace smoke detector batteries. By adding this to your spring maintenance list, you can help ensure your detectors are working when you need them.

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