How to save money on your mortgage at renewal

How to save money on your mortgage at renewal

I want to tell you about how I helped clients get a great start on their spring by saving more than $2100 with about an hour’s work involved for them.

These clients had a $156,000 mortgage coming up for renewal their existing lender. The existing lender offered them an uncompetitive rate, as most lenders usually do, in the hope that clients will take the path of least resistance and simply renew.

The clients contacted me to see if I could find a new lender and save them money. I found them a mortgage that was half of one per cent lower. The clients had to complete an application, provide some paperwork and presto, their mortgage was moved to the new lender at no cost.

The savings will translate to $2158 over the next five years. The moral of the story is never accept your lender’s renewal offer without talking to me first. Passing this information along to friends, family and coworkers whose mortgages are approaching renewal is a great opportunity for referring business to me. And I always appreciate referrals!

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