Why You Need to Get a Second Opinion on Your Mortgage

Why You Need to Get a Second Opinion on Your Mortgage. Jason Scott, Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Why You Need to Get a Second Opinion on Your Mortgage

It’s important to shop around and get a second opinion on your mortgage!

Let’s say you get bad news from your doctor. You’re probably going to want to talk to another doctor to get a second opinion. Well, the same thing applies to your mortgage.

Say your mortgage is coming up for renewal and you get this offer in the mail—it may be terrible in terms of the interest rates that are being offered. Don’t sign that piece of paper without getting a second opinion! It’s really important to shop around. There will be lots of competition for your business, assuming you have good credit and you can qualify.

Remember, even a 0.1% or 0.2% savings on your interest rate adds up to significant savings when you’re talking several hundred thousand dollars. The goal in your real estate life is to get to mortgage freedom, and my job is to help you get there. So give me a call!

I also have a helpful video about what to do if you’re scared of your mortgage renewal.

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