Time to Get Pre-approved for the Spring Home Shopping Season

Spring Home Shopping Season: Time to Get Pre-approved. Jason Scott, Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Time to Get Pre-approved for the Spring Home Shopping Season

It’s close to the spring home shopping season, which means it’s time to get pre-approved so you’re ready!

It’s still winter here in Edmonton, but the spring housing market is right around the corner. Now is the time to get pre-approved where we get you ready to shop. What happens is we get you a rate hold, so a lender will reserve money for you at a set interest rate. If rates go up, you don’t have to worry as long as you’re taking possession of the house within 120 days. And if rates drop, we’ll get you a better deal, either at that lender or a different lender. So get pre-approved today!

If you have questions, feel free to give me a call.

I have a great video on what rate holds are too.

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