Edmonton Mortgage Broker – How to Choose the Right Mortgage Broker

Edmonton Mortgage Broker – How to Choose the Right Mortgage Broker

A quick online search can show you that there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing which mortgage broker to work with. Of these choices, most will try to capture your business by quoting the lowest interest rates.

For those who are unfamiliar with the mortgage process, a broker who can quote the lowest rates or fees may seem like the perfect option. When it comes down to it, though, there is much more that should be involved in your final decision.

Your financial future is in the hands of the individual or brokerage you choose to work with, so it is important to choose the right one. The following list should help you consider all of your options and choose the right mortgage broker for your situation.

  • Outstanding Service
    • Ask around to your friends and family to find out who they recommend. Once you have a few recommendations, look them up online. Take a look at the reviews on their Google My Business and social media pages to see what their past clients have to say about them. Look for recurring themes of honesty, integrity, communication, and timeliness.
  • Experience
    • Find out how long they have been in the mortgage business and if they have experience in different areas of the industry. It will also be helpful to find out if they specialize in the type of mortgage you are looking for.
  • Communication
    • Make sure their availability and preferred means of communication line up with your needs. As you ask them questions to find out more about their experience, communication and timeline, listen for clearly stated answers with information that is helpful to you. You don’t want to work with someone who can’t provide you with the information you need in a clear and concise manner.

While you are conducting your research, it may also be helpful to find out more information about their application process and what documentation you will need to provide to them. This will also save time down the road as you will already know what is expected of you during the process.

Of course, if you are looking for an Edmonton mortgage broker who takes pride in always making their client’s needs a top priority and who will be dedicated to helping you and your family find affordable financing for the purchase of your dream home, give me a call today! I am always happy to answer any questions you may have and to make choosing the right mortgage broker even easier!





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