Why You Should Buy a Home at Christmas or New Year’s

Why You Should Buy a Home at Christmas or New Year's, Jason Scott Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Why You Should Buy a Home at Christmas or New Year’s

In my opinion, the best time to go shopping for a house is right around the Christmas holidays! If you’re really aggressive, go out on Christmas Eve or make an offer on Boxing Day or something. Now, your realtor might not like you, but in this video I’ll explain why you should buy a home at Christmas:

Right now, the housing market in Edmonton is a little cooler too and if you’re a buyer, that actually means it’s an awesome opportunity for you. Anyone who’s got their house listed for sale now is probably motivated. You know, anyone who’s got a house listed for sale going into the Christmas holidays, there’s probably something driving that. Maybe there’s a divorce, maybe it’s a vacant rental property, or people are in financial distress. These are unfortunate things that happened but that’s a good opportunity for you as a buyer. So if you’re looking to get pre-approved or make an offer on a place, I’m happy to help you out with your mortgage.

Hope this helps you understand why you should buy a home at Christmas! For more information, I have a great video on the winter housing market too.

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