Working with a Realtor in a Hot Market

Expert tips on working with a realtor in a hot market

Working with a Realtor in a Hot Market

Today, my friend Cole Grekul, an Edmonton realtor, and I discuss tips on buying a home in the hot spring market, and why working with a realtor is crucial for getting the best deal on a property.

Strategies for Success

The market is highly competitive this year, even before the typical busy season, with high demand and low inventory driving prices up. It is important to work with qualified professionals to navigate the market and avoid overpaying for properties.

There are potential pitfalls of buying directly from a builder without representation, as builders may not disclose important pricing information. A builder may show the buyer the sticker price of the house without providing any context, for example, the price that the house next door sold for. To not overspend, using a realtor who has access to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) data, to ensure fair pricing, is a great option. Using a realtor can also help buyers navigate negotiations and understand what to ask for from the builder, to get the best results. Realtors have experience working with builders on a regular basis, so the realtor can expertly steer new homebuyers towards the ideal property.

If you’re looking to get pre-approved for a mortgage to buy an income property in Edmonton, I’m happy to help you out. You can reach out to me at 780-720-2490. And once you have your pre-approval, you can call Cole Grekul with MaxWell Realty at 587-785-5133, and he can help you find the perfect home for you in Edmonton.

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