Buying a New Vs. Old Home in Edmonton

Jason Scott and Cole Grekul share insights on buying new homes vs pre-owned.

Buying a New Vs. Old Home in Edmonton

Today I’m joined by my friend Cole Grekul, a trusted realtor with MaxWell Progressive! Cole and I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new-built home versus a pre-owned one in Edmonton. Understanding the local market and working with knowledgeable agents to make informed decisions is pivotal in making this decision.

New-Built Vs. Pre-Owned Homes

Sometimes, a new-built home may face difficulties in selling due to price discrepancies compared to a pre-owned home. Accurately pricing a home is crucial to avoid prolonged time on the market, as the best opportunity to sell for top value is typically within the first few weeks. Currently, the average time for a house to be on the market is 40 days in Edmonton.

When it comes to choosing between a new-built and pre-owned home, Cole suggests that resale homes often offer better value for money as they come with established landscaping and fewer post-purchase expenses. Additionally, older homes may reveal potential issues during inspections that new-built homes might overlook, especially because the older home will have been through a few cold Edmonton winters.

Overall, considering individual needs, budget, and long-term costs when deciding between buying a new-built or pre-owned home in Edmonton’s real estate market is important; for help evaluating the options, reach out to Cole Grekul.

If you’re looking to get pre-approved for a mortgage to buy an income property in Edmonton, I’m happy to help you out. You can reach out to me at 780-720-2490. And once you have your pre-approval, you can call Cole Grekul with MaxWell Realty at 587-785-5133, and he can help you find the perfect home for you, whether that’s a new-built or pre-owned home.

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