Navigating Multiple Offers in Edmonton’s Competitive Spring Market

Tips on how to navigate Edmonton's Spring Housing Market

Navigating Multiple Offers in Edmonton’s Competitive Spring Market

I am joined again with my colleague Cole Grekul to showcase some tips on tackling multiple offers in Edmonton’s hot spring market!

Edmonton’s Current Market

The Edmonton housing market is experiencing a surge, particularly with the onset of the spring market. Multiple offers have become common, for example 6/12 of the last 30-day listings in the neighbourhood of Secord have sold at or above list price. This competitive environment poses challenges for both buyers and sellers alike.

Preparing for a Multiple-Offer Situation

1. When facing multiple offers, preparation is key. As a Realtor, Cole educates his clients on market values and setting realistic budgets.

2. Despite the fear of missing out, sticking to a predetermined budget can prevent overspending and financial strain in the long run.

3. Your Realtor can help you make quick, informed decisions on entering the bidding war.

Backup Offers

Backup offers are a strategic move in the face of competing bids. These offers, submitted after an initial offer is already in place, serve as a contingency plan in case the primary deal falls through. The 48-hour clause allows backup offers to step in automatically, if the initial offer fails to progress within the specified timeframe.

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