Why Buy a Home in the Highlands Neighbourhood?

Why Buy a Home in Highlands? Jason Scott, Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Why Buy a Home in the Highlands Neighbourhood?

Want to know more about the Highlands neighbourhood in Edmonton? Travis Ball and I discuss the housing marketing here, and what the great features of this neighbourhood are!

Travis Ball is a trusted and reliable realtor with Blackmore Real Estate, so he’s a great resource to introduce us to the Highlands neighbourhood.

Highlands is a lovely, mature neighbourhood in Edmonton. Right now, it’s a busy market for homes in this neighbourhood—Highlands has had 18 properties listed since the beginning of 2024, of which 12 are already sold. It has a medium list price of about $497 000 and a median sale price of $501 750. So homes are selling over list price from a median standpoint. In terms of how long homes are on the market, usually within a week houses that are listed are getting offers, and potentially multiple offers. This makes sense because all reasonably priced homes are really moving throughout the city.

Highlands is just north of Ada Boulevard and south of 118th Ave, which means it has a great central location, right by the river valley.  The original homes here are mostly wartime houses and then some historic houses—actually, a lot of historic houses from when Edmonton was in its early days. There are a lot of beautiful mansions along Ada Boulevard!

In terms of the trends in this neighbourhood, there’s a lot of rejuvenation and infill happening. Some of the houses are close to a hundred years old and need to be replaced by something new. Some of the homes were previously rebuilt in the 1990s, the 2000s and even very recently, so you can see that different architecture as you walk down the streets. So one thing you need to decide is if you’re what type of property you’re looking for, newer versus older. That will depend on what fits your family and your budget and what you expect out of your life. When it comes to older homes, they will need more love. There are some structural things to pay attention to because you could be on the hook for those bills if it hasn’t been fixed. Whereas the newer homes are all built to newer standards. Another thing to consider is that this is a great walkable/bikable neighbourhood, but some of the yards are a little bit smaller. You can also find some lots that are larger, so think about whether you plan to have kids play in the backyard, or a big dog.

If you’re thinking about renovating and looking at how to pay for it, there are a few programs you could use. One program in particular is called Purchase Plus Improvements where you could roll your renovation money into the mortgage. In an ideal world, you have extra money beyond your down payment and you just pay cash for your renovations, but that may not be realistic for some people.

For anyone who is looking to explore Highlands—I love this neighbourhood and Travis would do a good job of finding you the right house! If you’d like to talk to Travis, you can reach him at 780-233-8446. Or reach out to me to discuss preapprovals, mortgage renewals, and other mortgage details!

I also have a helpful video about why you should get a second opinion before renewing your mortgage.

Connect with Travis Ball:

  • Phone: 780-233-8446
  • Website: https://ontheballrealestate.com/
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travisyegre/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OnTheBallRealEstate/
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/travisdball/

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