Buying a Home Outside of Canada

Buying a Home Outside of Canada. Jason Scott, Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Buying a Home Outside of Canada

Wondering about buying a home outside of Canada? Inevitably, when you’re on winter vacation, you’re like, “Hey, I want to buy a place in Arizona.” “I want to buy a place in Mexico.” “I want to buy a place anywhere other than where there’s six feet of snow.” And so the question becomes, “How do I do that? How do I get a mortgage?” Let me explain!

The reality is you can’t get a mortgage on a property out of the country from a Canadian lender. What you would have to do is either refinance your house to pull out equity and either pay cash or have a big down payment, and then deal with a local lender in terms of getting the mortgage. So, you know, a mortgage broker might be able to connect you with a local mortgage person depending on where you’re looking at buying, or we can certainly help you on the refinance side of things. So, bon voyage when you get there!

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I have a great video on financing an AirBnB property too.

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