Tips on How to Move to Alberta: How to Get a Mortgage

Tips on How to Move to Alberta, Jason Scott, Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Tips on How to Move to Alberta: How to Get a Mortgage

Looking for some tips on how to move to Alberta? How do you get a mortgage if you don’t have a job here yet? I have some tips!

There are lots of people from British Columbia and Ontario, specifically Southern Ontario, who are moving to Alberta and Edmonton. And that’s because of housing prices. We are a fraction of the price of your typical house in Ontario or B.C.

Now, the challenge is when you move to a new province, how do you get qualified for a mortgage, especially if you don’t have a job?

In an ideal situation, you’ve made a big profit on your Ontario or B.C. property, and you just pay cash, and you don’t need my services at all. That’d be the best scenario. But failing that, if people are in jobs where they can transfer, (transfer within the company to a new office or work remotely) then there are no issues in terms of buying right away.

If you don’t have a job lined up, that becomes a bit of a problem. What I would recommend, in any event, is to come here, rent for a period of time, and get to know the various neighbourhoods and see where you want to live. That gives you time to get established. You get a job, then we get you ready to roll.

Another option is. if you’re a professional, and you’ve got a job lined up, lenders may work with you. They are most likely going to want to see that you’ve started the job, have a pay stub under your belt. So maybe come for a few weeks before closing on a transaction, But it’s always good to talk to an expert to see what your specific situation is.

If you have questions, feel free to give me a call.

I have a great video on what rate holds are too.

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